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Blogger Post: My Wedding Ring

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New Blog!

Hello everyone!

I have decided that I am not ready to host my own blog. It is too much work, and I’m not quite ready to have to pay for blogging. I am also disappointed with the limitations of WordPress.com.  There are so many things that I want to do with my blog that WordPress simply doesn’t allow. Sooooooooooo…. I’m moving my blog.

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The painting has begun…

Well, we’ve started our painting project.  Right now, the dining table is in the living room, along with everything else we’ve cleared out. It is amazing how large the kitchen looks without all the stuff… Makes me wonder how much of it I really need sitting out, but it also makes me wonder where I would put it if it wasn’t sitting out.  Hmmmm…something to think about.

We did have one rather large accident.  I spilled half a can of paint while painting the trim. What a mess!!  We were rushing to scoop it all up. Jim surprised me. I half expected him to get mad. But then again, it isn’t like him to get mad at me. He’s very patient with me. Well, not always. He can become impatient when he’s working on something, or concentrating on something, and I disrupt his concentration. But other than that, he’s very good about staying calm no matter what I do. So I’m not sure why I thought he would get mad–especially since it was an accident.

I did take a few pictures, but I haven’t downloaded them from my camera yet. I’ll take some more tomorrow and post a few “during” pictures.  Sorry there’s nothing interesting to look at in this post.

We bought the paint!

Say good bye to the off white, egg shell walls!


Kitchen as it looks now


Tonight we went to Lowe’s and bought the paint for our kitchen!  Since we went to Lowe’s, we didn’t get the Frosted Jade Dutch Boy color. Instead I searched and searched until I found a color as close as possible to the Frosted Jade color.  Instead we went ‘green’ with Lowe’s Olympic Premium, Zero VOC, low odor paint in the color Frosty Pine (C67-2).  We still have the trim paint we bought from when we painted the living room, so we didn’t have to buy any trim paint.

Tomorrow we will be preparing the walls. We have to clean the grease off them, sand a few place, and fill some holes.  Jim has a meeting at noon, and while he’s gone, I’ll tape around the cabinets and any other prep work we didn’t get done before he leaves.  Then when he gets home, hopefully, we’ll be able to start painting.

Maybe we’ll even get the trim painted in the living room, which would make me very happy!  The stain color on the trim in the living room is too orange for our paint color, and the room really needs a shade of white on the trim to brighten the room. But if we don’t get to that project this weekend, I can live with it for a bit longer. I just want to get the kitchen painted.

I’m really excited about the fact our paint is zero VOC and low odor. It cost a bit more, but I think it’s well worth the extra expense.  I think it’s important that we all do what we can for the environment, even if it’s something as simple as the kind of paint we use.

Are you working on any projects this weekend?  What are you doing?

Oh! I’ll have some ‘after’ pictures to post soon!  I think it’s going to look beautiful!!!



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